Foot Massage Techniques

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How to Give a Foot Massage

1. Massage Top, heels, soles, toes and feet
Rub the top of the foot with your fingers. Start at the tip of your finger and move slowly to his ankle. Moving down their legs, since their ankles. Apply a lot of pressure with the fingers, cupping their feet in your hands.
Moving up and down their legs two to three times. Keep your feet close to your chest area with your body leans towards them. This will help you apply the right amount of pressure to their feet.
Make sure you are using the power of your body weight, not muscle of fingers, massaging the legs. Using only muscles of the fingers can lead to their limit and get tired easily.

2. Massage the arches of the foot. Use your fingers to apply gentle pressure on the arch of their feet, just below the ball of their feet. Move a finger in a clockwise direction, and the second finger clockwise in small circles. Do this for at least 30 seconds. [3]
Place thumbs at opposite ends of their legs and move them to each other. Do this for at least three to five times, moving up and down in the lower part of the leg.
Make sure you grip the leg firmly and with some pressure as you massage them. Lightweight, soft touch can be delicate for most people and distract from the massage.
If a person has some weak points on your feet, do not put too much pressure on them, as this may cause irritation of the area.

3. Rub the heel of the foot. Move the finger up and down of the Achilles tendon that extends from the heel and ankle to the calf muscles. Rub the heels of their feet in a circular motion using your fingers. [4]
You may need to lift their legs on one side, so that you can gain access to their heels.
The skin in this area, as a rule, should be dry and hard, so you can apply the massage oil or lotion on your hands to help reduce any friction.

4. Squeeze and pull each finger. Keep your feet on the one hand, directly under the arch. On the other hand, place your thumb on the top of his thumb. Your index finger should be under their thumb. Turn your finger slightly to the side and pull your finger from top to bottom. Back to top socks and squeeze it with your thumb and index finger pointer. Do this for each finger to help ease and relax them. [5]
Do not pull on the faces of the fingers, as this may damage them. Instead, just turn to pull, and gently squeeze each finger, applying even pressure.

5. Slide up and down with fingers, each finger. Keep your feet on one side, just behind the heel. Place the index finger of the other hand between those legs. Swipe your finger toward the base of the toes, and then back to the end of the fingers. Do this two or three times between their fingers. [6]
Make sure that you use your body weight to apply even pressure as you slide up and down their fingers.

6. Focus on one leg at a time. Leave the other foot soak in warm water or softer on the pillow. Make basic massage on one leg, and then pay attention to the other leg. Repeat the same movement for each leg so that they both feel equally relaxed.

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